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Tatum O'Neal Sets Her Last Will

By Garth Franklin Friday October 31st 2008 07:53AM

Tatum O'Neal

Tatum O'Neal, Tom Berenger, Peter Coyote and James Brolin have joined the indie suspense drama "Last Will" says The Hollywood Reporter.

"Will" centers on Hayden (O'Neal), a woman framed for the murder of her wealthy husband (Berenger) in their affluent Midwestern town. With all evidence stacked against her, she's arrested by a detective (Brolin) and begins a quest to uncover the truth.

Patrick Muldoon, William Shockley, Jeffery Dean, Shawn Huff and Moon Unit Zappa also star.

Brent Huff will direct from a script by Alan Moscowitz. Shooting began this week in Kansas City and runs through the end of November.