Brent Huff


Height: 6' 1"


  • 2021The Jackie Stiles Story
  • 2021Creating Giants
  • 2019A Genie's Tail
  • 2019Purpose Found (Documentary)
  • 2017Welcome to the Beyond (Documentary)
  • 2016It's a Rockabilly World! (Documentary)
  • 2013Chasing Beauty (Documentary)
  • 2012Behind the Orange Curtain (Documentary)
  • 2011Last Will
  • 2010Hero (Short)
  • 2010Helpless (Short)
  • 2009Serbian Scars
  • 2008Cat City
  • 2007Welcome to Paradise
  • 2007Treasure Raiders
  • 2003Lap Dancing (Short)
  • 2002100 Mile Rule
  • 1997The Bad Pack
  • 1994We The People


This has been a very busy year for actor-director-writer, Brent Huff. Brent is currently on the film festival circuit with his documentary film, The Jackie Stiles Story. This film chronicles the improbable story of Jackie Stiles, who grew up in a tiny town in Kansas and had the big dream of becoming the best female basketball player in the world. Against all odds, she became the all-time NCAA scoring champion and the WNBA Rookie-of-the-Year. Unfortunately her career was cut short due to devastating injuries.
Brent’s family film, A Genie’s Tail is now available on the Showtime Network. The film features Youtube Star and Boxing sensation Jake Paul.
As an actor, Brent currently has the recurring role of Smitty on the hit ABC television shows The Rookie and The Rookie: Feds. This is the fifth season Brent has appeared on The Rookie.
Brent also just premiered his latest documentary film, Welcome to the Beyond, at the DOC-NYC International Film Festival.  The documentary is a shocking look at the life of Hoyt Richards.  Hoyt achieved icon status in the modeling industry after graduating from Princeton University, only to be brainwashed by a controversial cult based in New York City.
Brent is currently in post-production on two short films. Purpose Found, is a documentary shot in Portland, Oregon. The film profiles an inspirational family with a daughter who suffers from Rett syndrome. Rett is a rare neurological disorder that affects one in ten thousand female births. Creating Giants chronicles Harvard Professor, Steve Jarding, who after being voted Professor-of-the Year, was fired without explanation.  After interviewing his students, as well of other Harvard professors, it seems there are no “clean” answers.
Brent recently directed the reality show pilot 23 in San Francisco.  Brent developed 23 with Lisa Ling, Steve McPherson and Sam Sokolow.  23 follows six millennials looking to be disruptors in the tech industry.
Brent’s much anticipated documentary,It’s a Rockabilly World was released in the fall of 2016 by Virgil Films.  It’s a Rockabilly World became the #3 music documentary on iTunes shortly after it was released.  The film explores the fascinating subculture of Rockabillies.  Rockabilly is a global phenomenon that embraces some of the most colorful characters you’ll ever see as well as the finest music.
In 2014, Brent met incredible success with Chasing Beauty, the hard hitting documentary film that reveals the dark side of the modeling industry.  After the film premiered on Logo TV, Chasing Beauty quickly became the #1 documentary and #1 independent film on iTunes.  Chasing Beauty also enjoyed a successful run on Netflix.   BuzzFeed named Chasing Beauty one of the top ten fashion documentaries ever made.
In 2013, Brent’s award-winning documentary Behind the Orange Curtain was picked up for distribution by Filmbuff and enjoyed numerous successful screenings across the country.  Behind the Orange Curtain illuminates the opioid epidemic that is killing so many in our society today.  The film has been called; important, eye opening and frightening.
Brent’s feature film, Last Will was released in the spring of 2012.  This courtroom drama was filmed in Kansas City and Acapulco, Mexico.  The stellar cast includes Academy Award winner Tatum O’Neal, Academy Award nominee Tom Berenger, Peter Coyote and Emmy winner James Brolin.
Brent’s film-noir thriller, Cat City, was a huge triumph on the 2009 film festival circuit.  Cat City enjoyed enthusiastic screenings at the Rhode Island, Stony Brook, Palm Springs, Hollywood, Newport Beach, Methodfest, St. Louis and Prince Edward Island International Film Festivals. Betty Jo Tucker from Reel Talk said, “If you enjoy film noir, put Cat City on your must-see list.
Brent co-wrote and directed the inspirational film, Welcome to Paradise, which was released in 2007.  Welcome to Paradise has enjoyed huge success in the faith-based market.  The film stars Brian Dennehy, Crystal Bernard and Jim O’Heir.  The Dove Foundation gave the film it’s highest rating and said, “This fantastic story is all about love, faith, endurance and forgiveness”.
In 2003, Brent directed 100 Mile Rule, a dark comedy that stars the talented Maria Bello, Jake Weber and Michael McKean.  100 Mile Rule made it’s world premiere at the Hollywood Film Festival.  100 Mile Rule was also a festival favorite at Fort Lauderdale, Taos Talking Pictures, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Nashville, Newport Beach, and USA Film Festivals.  100 Mile Rule won Best Picture at the Stony Brook Film Festival and was the closing night film at the prestigious Cinequest Film Festival.
Brent is adept at directing all types of genres.  Actors are comfortable working with Brent because of his experience as an actor and someone who speaks their language.  Brent began his acting career at the age of 18 and has starred in over 50 films.  Brent attended the University of Missouri as a theatre major.  Brent believes storytelling and getting performances from actors is the heart of what a director does.
As an actor, Brent is frequently cast as a character with authoritative menace,  but is also known for his flair for comedy.