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Conversations with Brent Huff : Today we’d like to introduce you to Brent Huff.

ozarks first

Chatting with Jackie Stiles & Brent Huff on “The Jackie Stiles Story”.

ozarks first

New documentary “The Jackie Stiles Story” premiered at the Gillioz Theater in downtown Springfield.


Kansas basketball legend Jackie Stiles featured in documentary.

ozarks first

Brent Huff talks about The Jackie Stiles Story film.

Brent Huff 2nd Interview

The guys talk with Brent Huff about his new documentary about Lady Bears legend Jackie Styles.

Brent Huff Interview

Film Director Brent Huff joins the “Sports Reporters” 6/11/21

Open Mic Podcast

Episode Notes:
As an actor, Brent currently has the recurring role of Officer Smitty on the hit television show, The Rookie… In the episode we talk about his creative processes, directing, writing, working during the pandemic, his Hollywood start, getting discovered as a model, the life of a working actor, growing up in the Midwest and much more!

Good Morning LaLaLand

Appearance made on the TV morning show GOOD MORNING LALA LAND.


Brent Huff’s “Behind The Orange Curtain” is a documentary about the opioid epidemic in Orange County and the impact it is having on people of all ages in the area.

Lights Camera Action

As a young boy his favorite past times was watching films. “My family probably assumed I would follow in my Fathers footsteps, but I took a left turn and came to Hollywood to follow my dreams”

Virgil Films

Brent Huff latest film It’s a Rockabilly World! takes viewers to a whole new world – the rockabilly world. Brent discussed how and why he decided to document this unique subject.

Buzz Feed

“The documentary has helped me deepen my analysis on what a models life is really like by showing me the ugly perspective of the modeling world; an industry that gives off the persona of perfection but might not be as beautiful as it seems.”


“Chasing Beauty” focuses on models and the modeling world. Its depiction may be shocking and dark, but it triggers relevant discussion.”


This list is of the best documentaries about fashion.

Career Girl Daily

“Sometimes you just want to curl up and watch real life unfolding before you, a good documentary can change your perspective entirely and is more refreshing than a TV show.”


Behind the glossy magazine covers and glamorous runway shows, there is a dark side to this industry.

Efe Phido

Is Beauty worth the cost?

Runway ready: 8 documentaries all fashion-lovers will adore

Runway ready: 8 documentaries all fashion-lovers will adore

Palm Springs Life

Film Exposes Fashion, Modeling Industry. Director Brent Huff, a former model, will appear for Q&A session

SF Gate

An independent film about the dark side of modeling and fashion slays the studio movie giants and becomes the #1 documentary and #2 overall rented film on iTunes.

Kansas City Lights

Successful filmmaker Brent Huff brings “Chasing Beauty” to Kansas City

My Sweet Charity

Examining the cost of Beauty

Chic Spy

Interview with Director Brent Huff

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