The Jackie Stiles Story

Brent Huff - Director

Jackie Stiles averages 47.5 points a game in High School. 30 points a game in College. Sets the all-time NCAA scoring record in Women’s basketball. Becomes a national phenomenon. She turns professional. Is named the WNBA Rookie-of-the-Year. And then Jackie Stiles…..disappears.

This is the story of a 5’8” girl from a small Kansas town, population 600, who became a basketball legend in the Midwest. Against all odds, Jackie became the all-time leading scorer in NCAA history. A record she held for nearly 16 years. This feat was accomplished through hard work and unwavering determination.

Jackie achieved her goal of becoming one of the greatest basketball players of all time. But at what price?

Creating Giants

Brent Huff - Director

Former Harvard Kennedy School professor Steve Jarding is considered a US political ‘Guru’. Steve has groomed some the best and brightest politicians from around the globe. Steve Jarding’s course on campaign management at Harvard has twice been nominated at the “most influential course” in America. In 2016, the student body voted Steve “Teacher-of-the-Year” at the Harvard Kennedy School. The very next year Steve was fired by Harvard without explanation. This sparked an outcry from students and alumni. Creating Giants delves into possible reasons for his dismissal including interviews with current and former Harvard students, faculty, a Washington Post journalist as well as U.S. Senators and Congressman.