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“What happens to a 12-year-old girl who suddenly finds herself alone with no place to go and no one to turn to?”



Aimee Wood, Steve Brio, Zac Titu, Tabitha Brown, and Bailey Huff


Enfoque International Faith Film Festival International Family International Film Riverside International Feel Good Naperville International


“It would be easy for a cynical person to dismiss the short film Hero, and that’s really part of the film’s point. In a world where good people find themselves victims of their environment, unexpected or undeserved circumstances or just unlucky in who they got as parents, it’s easy to forget about, or outright scorn, the idea of a real-life hero.
In this scenario, young Gina (Aimee Wood) is unable to rouse her alcoholic mother and is forced to call in an ambulance. Once at the hospital, it becomes clear that the likelihood of Gina’s mother recovering is not looking too good, and, worse still, Gina is all alone. One doctor becomes particularly sympathetic to Gina’s situation and makes a choice that will change both his and Gina’s lives.
Despite the dark subject matter and plight of Gina (and her friends, as we learn later on in the short), this film really lives in the realm of sweet and uplifting. The idea here is that heroes can exist, and they’re usually not unhinged psychopaths in costumes trying to avenge lost loved ones. Instead, a hero can be that person who says the right thing at that perfect time, or makes a gesture that seems small at first, but makes all the difference in the world.
Again, this short is not for cynics (though there is a slight level of ambiguity in the sweetness that could be interpreted in a number of cynical ways). This is about saving a life, with a small touch of spiritual whimsy, and not wallowing in the despair of circumstances.”