Lap Dancing

Lap Dancing

Lap Dancing

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“Riley Hicks finds what he’s looking for. Himself.”



Rob Roy Fitzgerald, Lisa LoCicero, Leslie Cook and Loy Edge


St Louis International


“If you watch short films for any duration you become accustomed to the variances in the quality of the films and the talents of the filmmakers. Often one item or the other lacks that “something” that will propel those involved towards greater things in the industry, but still there is often plenty to enjoy with the unique stories or clever uses of content. This is why when you get a short that is completely filled with quality it takes you by surprise. “Lap Dancing” is an example. The production values, the story, and even the acting were all uniform in their professionalism, and the best part of all was they were all delivered with subtlety. No camera tricks, no over-the-top emoting, and no audacious plot contortions were needed. Rob Fitzgerald is featured (in a story he wrote) as a strip club patron in a plot that is straightforward and humorous and offers up an even funnier twist in the end. The plot clicked perfectly while Huff’s direction, and the cinematography, effortlessly revealed the story. These are people who have more things coming in the future, and here is hoping we will see those things soon.