Welcome To Paradise

Welcome To Paradise

Welcome To Paradise

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The Road to Paradise Begins with a Journey of the Heart



Crystal Bernard, Brian Dennehy, and Brad Stine




International Film Festival WYSIWYG Film Festival


“Welcome to Paradise” is a family film that, while long on values, spreads the Good News through kindness between people versus sermonizing on celluoid. Crystal Bernard skillfully anchors the lead role with honesty. She carries the film on her feminine shoulders, making it look effortless. The cast is studded with sure-handed veterans, led by film and stage luminary Brian Dennehy, who lends deep credibility to a film just by walking in front of the camera. It seems he never fumbles a beat as an actor. Ever.”



“Welcome to Paradise is a welcome change from the usual cinematic fare- a truly family-oriented film. This heartwarming story is entertaining while conveying spiritual lessons of value in real life. The story charts the challenges of a female minister in a small town. It is excellent family, and Christian entertainment.”



“Let’s say this Bernard and actors Connie Ray, Brian Dennehy and William Shockley (who also co-wrote this script) steal this film. Director and co-writer Brent Huff directs this film simple and without too many arty directive angles. The small film has got a heart the size of Texas.”